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April 24, 2015
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If you are missing one or more teeth, don't feel bad. You are not alone. The American College of Prosthodontists (dentists who specialize in replacement teeth) estimates that 178 million people in the United States have lost at least one permanent tooth. That's a lot of smiles needing dental restoration.

A common option to replace one or more teeth lost to decay, injury or gum disease is the partial removable denture. Worn by millions of Americans, this appliance provides a way to have a complete smile and good ability to speak and chew.

A downside of many partial dentures, however, is the metal frame, clips and clasps which secure the false teeth to existing ones. Sometimes uncomfortable and always visible, the traditional partial denture can be tolerated but is not always loved by the individual who wears it.

Duraflex & Valplast Dentures Are a Great Alternative

Your Williamsburg, Virginia family dentist offers Duraflex and Valplast flexible dentures as good-looking, flexible and more livable alternatives to the metal frame partial. These two brands of dentures do differ a bit in what they are made of, how they are constructed, and other features, too.

Duraflex partial dentures are:

  • crafted from an impression of the patient's teeth
  • natural-looking
  • flexible and easy to wear
  • simple to put in and take out
  • made of comfortable acrylic material
  • odor and stain resistant
  • durable (practically unbreakable)
  • easy for the dentist to adjust

The dentist and lab technician work from an impression of the patient's teeth to formulate a treatment plan and to match the replacement teeth for color, size, and shape. Patients with sturdy neighboring teeth are the best candidates for Duraflex partial dentures.

Valplast partial dentures are:

  • precisely constructed and precision-fitted using digital imaging and modeling
  • placed with no grinding or prep work on the surrounding natural teeth
  • offer outstanding esthetics in terms of color and shape of the teeth
  • made of a high-quality acrylic that does not cause any allergic reactions
  • used in all areas of the mouth
  • guaranteed for life

Of course, any tooth replacement procedure must be preceded by a thorough oral examination by your Williamsburg, Virginia dentist. He or she can discuss your needs, goals and desires to formulate the treatment plan perfect for your smile.

Williamsburg Family Dentistry

Ricky J. Rubin DMD, MPA, Brett C. Dunnill DDS and Rachel M. Hubbard DDS are the skilled and compassionate family dentists in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Their extensive list of dental services includes Duraflex and Valplast dentures. Could one of these be the tooth replacement option for you? Contact Williamsburg Family Dentistry today to find out. One of the friendly staff members will be happy to set an appointment. Call 757-345-5500.