By Williamsburg Family Dentistry
October 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Know the warning signs so that you get the proper, immediate dental care you need in Williamsburg.root canal

Sure, we know that no one wants to think about getting a root canal (or having to undergo any dental procedure for that matter); however, this may be a treatment that you may have to undergo at some point during your lifetime in order to preserve a tooth from further damage. Our Williamsburg, VA, dentists, Dr. Ricky Rubin and Dr. Brett Dunnill, are here to tell you when you may want to seek medical attention for your symptoms and why root canal therapy could just end up saving your beautiful smile.

First and foremost, just because you aren’t experiencing symptoms doesn’t mean that everything is okay. While symptoms can be a good thing because they are able to tip you off to the fact that something is amiss and requires care, even if you think you are healthy you should still visit our Williamsburg general dentists every six months for routine checkups to make sure there aren’t any issues.

Sometimes problems can’t be felt or seen with the naked eye, but annual X-rays will be able to pinpoint issues that we might not otherwise find until the problem has gotten more extensive.

However, sometimes symptoms do still rear their ugly head, particularly if the dental pulp of the tooth has become infected. The pulp is found inside the tooth and it’s comprised of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue. Since the pulp contains nerves, when it becomes damaged or infected it can lead to some pretty unpleasant and painful symptoms.

So you may just need root canal treatment if you are experiencing:

A toothache: Dental pain of any kind is considered a medical emergency. This means you need to call us right away so we can get you into the office for treatment. It doesn’t matter if the pain is mild or severe, continuous or intermittent. All toothaches need to be evaluated as soon as possible.

Tooth sensitivity: A tooth that has an infected or inflamed dental pulp may also become hypersensitive to certain elements like hot or cold. You may also notice lingering sensitivity to sweets or even acidic foods. Even breathing in cold air could be enough to trigger sensitivity in the tooth.

A darker tooth: If the roots of your teeth end up dying they will turn brown, which will also affect the overall color of the tooth, as well.

Have questions about getting root canal therapy in Williamsburg, VA? Want to find out if your symptoms warrant coming into our office? Then call Williamsburg Family Dentistry today to find out.